27 February 2006

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum

So...my blog seems to be turning into purely 'links to other blogs I can be found at' as I dont have time to keep this one happy for now. But wow I'm havin' a blast..

So from tomorrow I'm on the Rainbow Warrior for 3 months doing the ships blog!


Come visit me there and leave me some comments. I won't be on my usual email till may. I will be able to send some, some leave me a message on the blog and i'll mail you..


05 February 2006


Hey guys, just to say I have heaps of new pics and stories.. I'm having so much fun.. I keep thinking wow.. you don't get many days this good in your life.. then they keep on coming! However, no time to post any tales right now, I've been living in the bush for weeks and I'm headed back into a Valley we are occupying to stop a coal mine in a few hours.. I promise I will when I'm reunited with my laptop in a couple of weeks. There are more details of the campaign a few posts & pics from me here: