16 October 2005

Summer in the City

Wow, like leaving the country it so much effort, I need a few weeks holiday to recover... I think packing my life away, dealing with a ridiculous stream of last minute bureaucratic tasks and then trying to have four leaving do's in four cities in less than a week was sheer madness.

I now have a camera phone so expect so much lower quality pics from me then your used to.. but at least I can snap random things on my daily travels.. Look new glassses!

So, I'm here, and things never seem to go to plan in nz.. I don't ever seem to get where I was going. I arrive in Auckland expecting to head to Wellington as soon as I'm over the jet-lag and within 48 hours I have a job, a room in a house and a borrowed bike. So wow, like a job I go to every day and a room I'm gonna sleep in most nights.. its only for 6 weeks but that's more stability than I've had for years!

And now for some blatant gloating...
There are definite advantages staying in in the warm north. Ohh what a day!.. its started wet and cold but you get 4 seasons in an hour in Auckland..  so then the sun came out and it saw suddenly like the middle of summer and we walked out to a local beach popped into the fab organic shop on route for ripe avocados for lunch then got to the sparkly ocean and I cackled with glee uncontrollably as we splashed about in the sea till we were to tired to swim any more.. then basked on rocks in the sun surrounded buy Pohutakawa trees and looked at the far tree covered shore and Waitakere hills. And this is spring. I'm back!!! (And this is all a short local bus ride from the city centre.) .. although I am paying for it all now with my feet all cut up on clams...
So for the cookie stalkers out there you can try and spot me on the webcam at my fave swimming spot..

Cycling in Auckland.
Think San Francisco. Bring back Leeds's Scott Hall road - all is forgiven.. You look at a map of Aks and your destination looks close then you get to an intersection and suddenly your looking down a precipice of a road down then up again to your level on the other side... wish me luck.. or uber-thighs!

So I'm still getting over my jet lag and used to being here - it's kinda strange to be back after a year around these familiar sights, sounds and smells. But more importantly.. how soon can I get south to those mountains...


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