20 November 2005

Hitting the Hight Street..

I don't usually go on about shopping. I dont usually do much clothes shopping outside the charity shops.

Avid followers of my blog will be aware that I'm having a little trouble in the footwear department due to cycling all these steep hills and dodgy breaks.. and now they are definitely on their last legs... So to continue with my consumer thread.. and also I know some of you cant sleep at night worrying over my ever thinning footwear, I have an update on my old converse situation.

So I've just got some shiny new No Sweat fair trade baseball boots. They are made in a factry in Jakarta and there is a card with a breakdown of worker hours (40) pay & benefits. I can now steap in little puddles without getting wet feet and know some poor sole is not living as a barley paid abused slave for the likes of nike (who own converse) to make them for me.

Oh, there there were complaints about not enough pics of me (ta for missing me ;-)

And not enough pics of my tan in that one..

So I've only a week or so of being online lots.. then hopefully I'm hitting the hills (well the volcanos & mountains!)..


Loukas said...

And I'm expecting pictures of you and the volcano as well ;)

Rebecca said...

Nice shoulder - you definitely didn't get that tan in Mayo.
Was the 'some poor sole' pun deliberate? Local paper standard if so.
Risking frostbite over here - just bought my first ever pair of longjohns (not fairtrade, unfortunately).
Loukas - is that closeups of the volcano you're after?

Anonymous said...

Hi Toby says MORE jc

loukas said...

Yeah, closeups of the volcano, better get some asbestos-soled shoes. But OMG, you're exploiting the poor Indonesians, 40 hours a week???? I bet they have to get up in the morning and everything :0

Eabha the Kiwi said...

I was wondering if the "last legs" comment was a pun.

I just saw this link on cnn (I'm not a regular fan of theirs)


However it says "one MAN'S trash...", so I guess that's not you;)

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.