19 July 2006

Leaving Brisvegas

Life continues in a crazy whirl of campaigning, trying to be in 4 far flung places simultaneously, being totally skint, blagging, and generally trying to exist on air while trying to stop a coal mine.. Not having any income for the last 7 month's is becoming a BIG problem.. But I seem to fall on my feet, it takes a lots of work & energy to exsit like this, but the folks of Australia have been awesome in looking after me!

I sometimes struggle to remember when life didn't consist of constant travelling between several places, hitching adventures, getting crazy rides in the back of vans with ferals, not knowing where I'm gonna sleep that night, absorbing new info about yet another evil company trashing another amazing wilderness and when getting to sleep with an actual pillow didn't fill me with such unabated excitement.

Sorry I'm being really bad at communicating recently.. I miss you all.. But often my rare times online I have to get a heap of campaign stuff done.. However I am trying to keep my blog & photo site updated as much as possible. I have lots of time travelling to think & remember all the fab things we have all done.. I miss you all so big love to York, Leeds, Oxford, Norfolk, London, Sheffield, Notts, Wellington, Christchurch, Auckland, The Warrior, Mayo, Dublin, Papua New Guinea and lots more places.. Hello!

Last week, in addition to my four far flung crazy paces, I popped up to brisabne.. oh a quick 12 hours away.. I was at 'SoS' Students of sustainability conference, which was much like an activist gathering in the UK , but on a student campus and a bit too posh.. But there were heaps of great people there and some amazing work being done. On the last day a whole heap of folks spontaneously, nothing to do with SoS... no really, went out and 'reclaimed the streets' in Brisbane CBD, which was very fluffy but heaps of fun..


Oh and there are also some pretty pics of tourist surfers (they couldn't surf for toffee!) and hippies at sunset from a brief stop over in Byron Bay.. we were glad to escape as soon as!

As you may have guessed I'm sticking around for a bit longer - but don't worry.. the beer here is like piss.. engevita costs about four times what it should and vegemite totally sucks. I really cant stick around in a country that long that cant get its yeast products right.

So.. gotta run.. coal mines to stop an all..

Off to the desert for two weeks to check out Uranium mines, nuke test sites and the like.. see you when I've been irradiated..


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